The Price of Special Broadcast Software

Special Commercial Version 9
price for single user: 11/900/000 Toman
Price of Commercial Network for 10 Users: 49/900/000 Toman

Special Industrial version 9
price for single user: 15/200/000 Toman
Price for 10 Users Network : 56/800/000 Toman

Special Commercial version 10
price for single user: 19/900/000 Toman
Price for 5 Users Network : 48/800/000 Toman
Price for 5 Users Network : 69/000/000 Toman

Special Industrial version 10
price for single user: 23/800/000 Toman
Price for 10 Users Network : 58/000/000 Toman
Price for 10 Users Network : 79/000/000 Toman

Annual Price and Cost of Pocket Cyber Program

The annual cost of using the program on each tablet is 400,000 Toman. In case of using the cloud serial or the possibility of a live location, the annual cost of using the program on each tablet device is 600,000 Toman. Each of the above software packages for the purchased users can be connected to the same number of tablets through Pocket Cyber software. Cost of activating the program on each tablet, in addition to the purchased users, is 900,000 Toman plus the annual usage cost.

Cyber Branch Accounting Program
This program is suitable for collections with store branches, which allows communication with the head office calculator (calculator version 10) in the cloud and offline. Some facilities of this program is the possibility to receive the list of goods related to the designated warehouse, recording sales and return invoices, receiving cash, recording goods orders, sending to the head office, recording customers related to branches and sending them to the head office, useful and practical reports related to branches and etc

Price of Branch Calculator Program

.Two-user branch calculator program id 7,900,000 Toman

.The cost of activating each extra user in each branch is 800,000 Toman

Cyber Web Web-based Program
To integrate the information entered in a business and aggregate information of branches, offices, sales centers, production and entry and exit of warehouse in a database from different geographical locations, Shaygan System Company has provided a Cyber Web Program system. Logging in to the program through Internet browsers, integration and synchronized use with calculator software, performing financial affairs, warehousing, sales and purchase, orders, check book, inventory checking, printing of invoices, documents, etc., management and tracking of forward in sales invoices, the possibility to send SMS, dashboard (useful and brief reports and charts of sales and financial status of the company), advanced user management, preparation and design of reports, practical parameters in various areas of accounting, sales and etc. are the most important features of the Cyber Web Program. In order to use Cyber Web Program, you need to get one of versions 9 or higher versions at the head office. Then, according to the number of required online users, use the price list below. It should be noted that the Cyber Account database used by users will be on the buyer's server.
More than 50 users + One year support


50 users + One year support
25 users + One year support
10 users + One year support
Two users + One year support