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Due to the growth and development of technology and the use of the Internet in the businesses, setting up a network in organizations has become inevitable and necessary. So that the exchange of information and the use of organizational software, especially accounting software can be used in the network. A network consists of a set of computer systems, hardware and software related to the network and communication equipment such as network cables or wireless equipment. The task of the network is to establish connections between systems so that users can share data and equipment. Armin Tajhiz Negar Imen Company, exploiting the latest technology in the world, has the capability to consult, design and set up organizational networks in any size and dimensions, so as to provide the most optimal software platform for organizations.
Business software and services are widely used by companies to simplify corporate operations. To accomplish data privacy and security goals, this software and services provide quick and easy access to unstructured data obtained through data analytics. In addition, enterprise solutions lead to a significant reduction in raw material and inventory costs, allowing businesses to boost their profitability.
Many businesses are implementing business solutions to improve their operational efficiency by combining administrative systems into a single software. Departmental data is linked with real-time updates in business solution modules, resulting in improved data transparency. Businesses select the software and solutions best suited to their requirements. IT consulting services for SMEs are used to help the company with technology and software that will be beneficial for their business. IT consultancy can help them understand how all of these technologies work and what different features each one has, as well as which ones best fit their needs. IT consulting services also help them to make the most of their technology investments and increase productivity.
Business owners are focused on running their business and don’t have time to search for alternatives to on-premise solutions. IT consulting firms traditionally generate revenue from on-site installations, break-fix services, upgrades, and in some cases managing on-premise equipment for their clients. With today’s credit crisis, more businesses are open to low up front and predictable IT costs, which Armin Tajhiz Negar Imen Inc. will offer
The majority of IT consulting firms only offer their clients on-premise solutions which require a significant up-front capital expenditure and unknown IT maintenance costs for hardware and software. Armin Tajhiz Negar Imen Inc. offers variable customized solutions with flexible plans based on the clients’ needs and nature of business and operations

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